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Conflict Trends 2008/4

 1 Oct 2008
By Vasu Gounden
A New Peace in Africa?
By Andrew Mack & Tara Cooper
Space for Peace?
The Use of Space Technology to Monitor Conflict Trends and Human Security in Africa
By Jo-Ansie van Wyk
The Internet and Democracy in Africa
By Ian Henderson
The Environment and Conflict in Africa
Toward an Analytical Framework
By Jean-Bosco Butera & Marcel Leroy
Electoral Conflicts in Africa
Is Power-sharing the New Democracy?
By Kingsley Moghalu
The African Diaspora as Agents of Peace on the Continent
By Awil Mohamoud & Sarah Osman
Understanding Peacebuilding
Consolidating the Peace Process
By Cedric de Coning
The Africa Peace Centre
By Sean Callaghan
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  • Elections
  • Africa Peace Centre
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