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Conflict Trends 2007/4

 1 Oct 2007
By Vasu Gounden
The Role of the Private Security Industry in Africa’s Peacekeeping Missions
By Sabelo Gumedze
The Role of AFRICOM
Observer, Enforcer or Facilitator of Peace?
By Gerrie Swart
Civilian Protection in African Peacekeeping
A Gender Perspective
By Onwuka Onyinye Nkechi
Post-Conflict Reintegration Challenges in Sierra Leone
By Zinurine Abiodu Alghali
US Involvement in African Peacekeeping
By Kenneth Mpyisi
MONUC and Post-Electoral Challenges in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
By Gustavo de Carvalho
Strategic Planning and Local Ownership as Critical Factors in the Coherence and Coordination of Peacebuilding Systems
By Cedric de Coning
Fact File
By Walter Lotze
Book Review
Reviewed by Geoff Harris
  • Sudan
  • Sierra Leone
  • Private Military Companies
  • Post-Conflict
  • DRC
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