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Conflict Trends 2004/1

 31 Dec 2003
By Vasu Gounden
Living in limbo
A profile of Djibouti’s Somali refugee problem
By Laura Bisaillon
Defending African unity
Can the Peace and Security Council of the African Union succeed?
By H. Solomon & G. Swart
Zones of peace
A framework for analysis
By P. Iyer & L. Hancock
Prospects for peace and state-rebuilding in Somalia
By Karanja Mbugua
Where to from here?
By Britt de Klerk
DDR – Disarmament, Demobilisation, Reintegration
The case for Angola
By Nicky Hay
Coherence and integration in the planning, implementation and evaluation of complex peace-building operations
By Cedric de Coning
South African democratic elections
By T. Pitso & K. Ogunsanya
The seed of an African Renaissance
The Haiti revolution
Extract from a speech by President Thabo Mbeki
Book Review
Reviewed by Cedric de Coning
Book Review
Reviewed by C. Mufanawejingo
  • Thabo Mbeki
  • South Africa
  • Somalia
  • Djibouti
  • African Union
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