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Conflict Trends 2003/4

 30 Sep 2003
By Vasu Gounden
Burundi in 2003
Highlights of a ‘thorny’ road to peace?
By Senzo Ngubane
The Machakos Protocol and prospects for peace in Sudan
By Paul Nantulya
The emerging role of sub-regional organisations
By Chris Bakwesegha
Conflict diamonds and the African ‘resource curse’
By George Lwanda
The role of MONUC in the DRC’s peace process
By Willian Lacy Swing
Peacekeeping trends
By Cedric De Coning
The Sudan joint monitoring mission
By Andreas Vogt
The importance of local ownership of the post-conflict reconstruction process
By Oghogho Edomwonyi
Civil-military relations
The military and African politics
By Mwalimu Ngwane
  • Sudan
  • Rwanda
  • DRC
  • Burundi
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