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Education for Peace in Africa

In 1993 ACCORD started a series of circulars to universities in 24 African countries in order to encourage the academic development of dispute resolution teaching and research. In 1995 ACCORD was then commissioned by UNESCO to draft a report on Peace Education at the universities of Southern Africa.

The 6th and 7th circulars to universities (2002 and 2003) formed a joint project of ACCORD and the University for Peace of the United Nations (UPEACE). Of about 450 universities and other institutions in 49 African countries, more than 100 have thus far submitted information on what they are doing with regard to peace education. The feedback covers courses, modules and themes presented, areas and topics of research undertaken, and community service rendered.

A database has been compiled, which will soon be available on Internet and as a publication. Both versions will be updated regularly. This project is part of a memorandum of understanding that ACCORD signed with UPEACE to undertake joint project in the area of peace education and peace studies in Africa for the next five years.

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