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The ACCORD Peacebuilding Architecture Review Blog

24 Apr 2015

ACCORD has started a blog to give African citizens a space to voice their input for the UN’s peacebuilding architecture.

With it now being 10 years since the establishment of the Peacebuilding Architecture, a second review has started. This review presents the international community with a unique opportunity to set the agenda for the UN’s peace and development agenda and provide input into the type of architecture they would see as effective. With South Africa now holding a position of the Peacebuilding Commission’s organisational committee as well as the Chair of the African Union Post Conflict Reconstruction and Development Committee on South Sudan, South Africa has pledged to support the work of the PBC and the successful implementation of the recommendations of the review. ACCORD, as an African based civil society organisation, has taken the initiative to start this blog which will reflect on the UN’s intervention in Africa: challenges and success stories.

This blog will run from the beginning of April until the end of June 2015, with two pieces per month looking at issues relating to peacebuilding. The idea is to raise the African voice to the United Nations and ensure that the Advisory Group on the Peacebuilding Architecture Review hears these views.

Each post will be posted and comments, opinion and feedback will be open to the public to provide. There are rules of conduct for this blog, so please be aware of those. Any inappropriate feedback will be removed.

Some posts will have two opinions either in support or contrast to one another and this will allow for a debate to generate.

At the end of July, a synthesized report from all submissions will submitted to the Advisory Group on the Peacebuilding Architecture Review as part of an official submission to be considered by the panel.

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