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24 Apr 2015

An outline of the rules governing behaviour and content when participating in online discussions and debates on the ACCORD forums.

We welcome diverse opinions and invite you to share your thoughts with our online community in an open and respectful way. To be posted, your comments must comply with the following rules of conduct:

Inappropriate Debate

Please address your comments to the topic of debate. Submissions that are wholly irrelevant to the discussion at hand will not be posted.


Please be courteous and mindful of other participants in the debate, and avoid personal attacks of any kind. It is the question that is up for debate, not the individual.

Offensive Language

Do not post anything that is of an explicit, offensive, or harassing nature. Hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated.

Recognized Languages

The principal language of the debate is English. Some comments may be posted in Arabic, French, or Spanish.

Posting of personal information

The sharing of personal information such as contact numbers, e-mail addresses, account names and passwords, and home addresses is prohibited.

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