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ACCORD publishes Policy & Practice Brief on the refugee crisis in the Great Lakes Region of Africa

19 Feb 2016

Kitenge Tunda critically analyses the effects of mass involuntary migration on the peace and stability of the Great Lakes Region.

Concentrating on the Great Lakes region of Africa, the latest Policy & Practice Brief (PPB) published by ACCORD analyses why refugees have been hesitant to return to their domiciles, even where relative peace had returned to their countries of origin. The brief is entitled When refugees cannot return home: A conflict conundrum in Africa’s Great Lakes region.

In this publication the author, Kitenge Fabrice Tunda, critically examines the impacts of refugee flows on peace and security, as well as on land and socio-economic control and access in the Great Lakes region. The large numbers of refugees moving between countries in this region, Tunda explains, contribute to human insecurity within the countries affected, as well as in the entire conflict system of the Great Lakes region. He proffers recommendations on what can be done from a regional perspective to decrease refugee numbers, while simultaneously resolving the root causes of the various conflicts that the refugees have fled in the first place.

This PPB is a collaborative output of the Peacebuilding Unit and Knowledge Production Department at ACCORD. ACCORD PPBs are aimed at informing peacemaking, peacekeeping and peacebuilding. They provide succinct, rigorous and accessible recommendations to policy makers and practitioners intended to stimulate informed and relevant debate to promote dialogue as a way to peacefully resolve conflict

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