“I would like to take this opportunity not only to thank you for the excellent job you are doing to resolve disputes on the African continent, but also for the excellent collaboration that MONUC and ACCORD have developed

“Thank you for sending me the excellent [ACCORD handbook on] African Civil-Military Cooperation. There are so many useful things said there.”

Elisabeth Rehn, former Minister of Defence of Finland (2007)

“The CNDD-FDD deeply expresses its acknowledgement for the precious training ACCORD provided its political and military leaders. The training we received considerably contributed to the understanding of various issues that maybe wouldn’t have been tackled that smoothly during [the] last negotiations

“The Inter-Congolese Dialogue is supposed to take place in Addis Ababa, starting 15 October 2001. However, this dialogue can only be successful if the main actors from the Kivu region, to which myself and my group belong, agree on several fundamental questions concerning the Great Lakes. 

“The Legal Aid Clinic Project of ACCORD successfully mediated one dispute regarding land in Ruyigi Province. In addition to this, ACCORD organized a ‘Lessons Learned Conflict Management Training’ in the commune of Makamba, Makamba Province

“We commend the initiative by ACCORD to bring to the debate […] themes that enrich and consolidate knowledge in the fields of mediation, negotiations, training, research and conflict analysis since the period until the second general elections in Angola

“From the start, the Palestinian Council on Foreign Relations (PCFR) was a partner in the cooperation with ACCORD of South Africa. According to information by the former Foreign Minister Ziad Abu-Amr, currently heading the PCFR, this cooperation led to important results for the political process in the occupied territories.

“It is intended that specialized nodes be established and/or strengthened […] to promote conflict prevention and the constructive resolution of conflicts […]. These centres will be important linkage points for public and private organizations within Africa