“Several years ago a man named Commander James Kok attended a training/study tour hosted by ACCORD. […] During his time in Cape Town and Durban he learned about peace-making, negotiations, peace-building, reconciliation and a host of other skills offered by ACCORD.

 Upon his return to Sudan, he became involved in the North/South peace negotiations and rose through the SPLM/A ranks to become one of its most powerful and prominent members. […] Today, [he] is the Commissioner of the Southern Sudanese Peace Commission and the Chairperson of the Darfur negotiations, a senior SPLM and Government of South Sudan member and an absolute advocate for peace-building in Sudan, disarmament of the armed forces and reconciliation with the North. When I met with James he spent a full hour telling me why he is who he is and where he is today because of ACCORD and the powerful impact the training had on his life. Before coming to ACCORD, he was a military man and saw no hope for peace in his country. After spending two weeks with ACCORD, he knew in his heart that there was no way but peace.”

Letter from Juba, South Sudan (2007)