Policy & Practice Briefs

The Policy & Practice Brief series forms part of ACCORD's knowledge production work to inform peacemaking, peacekeeping and peacebuilding. They aim to provide succinct, rigorous and accessible recommendations to policy makers and practitioners and to stimulate informed and relevant debate to promote dialogue as a way to peacefully resolve conflict. Each issue draws on field research or the outcomes of thematic events, with analysis underpinned by rigorous research, academic theory and methods. 

Managing Election-related Violence

Elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Policy & Practice Brief 13

Approximately 25 presidential, legislative and local elections are planned in Africa for 2011. The African Union (AU) has identified the forthcoming elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as ones that require special attention. This is because many parts of the country – including the Kivus, Bas-Congo, and Equateur Province – continue to experience violent conflicts. This environment sets the context for the upcoming multi- party elections scheduled for 28 November 2011...

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The Abunzi Mediation in Rwanda

Opportunities for Engaging with Traditional Institutions of Conflict Resolution

Policy & Practice Brief 12

This Policy & Practice Brief analyses the role of traditional institutions for conflict resolution, paying special attention to their relevance in post-conflict societies. Using Rwanda’s abunzi mediation system as an example, the brief considers traditional African mechanisms for conflict resolution as unique, context- specific, and responsive to the justice needs of societies emerging from conflict. The brief draws attention to synergies between the modern and the traditional by highlighting how traditional institutions have sometimes complemented the state, which is often too overwhelmed and under-resourced to be able to offer timely and effective justice...

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The New Sudans: The First 100 Days

Policy & Practice Brief 11

This Policy & Practice Brief focuses on the challenges facing the two Sudans post separation. 17 October marks 100 days since the fracturing of the Sudan. It is, therefore, an opportune moment for reflection on the state of affairs as the two states move into uncertain futures. The date also offers a chance to assess the trajectories of the two countries as they chart separate, but linked destinies...

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Peace Implementation in the Post-2005 Era

Lessons from Four Peace Agreements in Africa

Policy & Practice Brief 10

This Policy & Practice Brief focuses on four peace agreements [...] These particular peace agreements ended serious levels of violence and ushered in conditions that could facilitate peace and democracy in the respective countries. Nonetheless, there have been mixed levels of success, especially regarding their implementation. This brief is written against the background of scholarly and practitioner interest in what makes peace agreements succeed or fail, and it undertakes a systematic analysis of purposely selected peace agreements in Africa, to make recommendations for effective peace implementation.

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Training to Protect Civilians

Recent Developments and Recommendations

Policy and Practice Brief 9

Protection of Civilians has become one of the most important aspects of the mandates of peacekeeping operations. More recently, both the United Nations and the African Union have been engaged in strengthening their roles in addressing protection needs on the ground... This Policy & Practice Brief reviews recent policy developments in the field of PoC in peacekeeping operations, with a particular focus on training. By reviewing these developments, this paper aims to present recommendations for peacekeeping training centres that are considering developing and conducting training courses on PoC.

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Making Deals for Peace

The Peace and Justice Dilemma

Policy and Practice Brief 8

Conflict mediators must constantly balance issues of peace and justice when designing peace agreements. This paper probes how peace and justice, two distinct but interrelated concepts, interact within the African peacebuilding context. Examining the different manifestations of peace and justice in post-conflict environments provides policymakers and stakeholders alike with frameworks for future peace agreements.

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Abyei: From a Shared Past to a Contested Future

Policy and Practice Brief 7

The Sudanese region of Abyei currently sits at the centre of a conflict between the north and south of what was Africa’s largest state.While analysts have described the situation in Abyei as “an intractable conflict”, this policy brief examines the current impasse, its historical context and the options available for breaking the deadlock and forestalling further conflict.

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A Regional Approach to Peacebuilding

The Mano River Region

Policy and Practice Brief 6

Contemporary conflict creates a web of interlocking conflicts involving the transfer of populations, arms, armies, finances, and conflict goods across increasingly porous borders. This Policy and Practice Brief emanates from the Mano River Region: Peacebuilding Challenges, Prospects and Interventions workshop hosted by ACCORD’s African Peacebuilding Coordination Programme (APCP), in Monrovia, Liberia, on 27-29 October, 2010.

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