Conflict Trends 2010/3

ACCORD Conflict Trends 2010/1

Today, in 2010, we are examining the balance sheet of independence to see what legacy the successive generations of our leaders have left us with. There have also been some positive developments in Africa. Several countries have managed – despite great odds – to overcome conflict and make steady progress. However, in the final analysis, the balance sheet is disappointing. It is time for all of us Africans to stand up and be counted. We have to create the change we want to see. Let our future generations, when celebrating 100 years of independence, also celebrate the 50 years that marked a change from poverty to prosperity.

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by Vasu Gounden


Rethinking Peace and Security in Africa: ECOWAS, a Human Security Regime?
by Andrés Sáenz Peñas

Sustainable Peace Processes: Addressing the Status of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons
by Tendaiwo Peter Maregere

The Referendum for Self-determination in South Sudan and its Implication for the Post-colonial State in Africa
by Mupenda Wakengela and Sadiki Koko

A Dangerous Precedent: The Consequences of Prohibiting Engagement with Non-state Armed Groups
by Christopher Thornton

Traditional Practices and Reconciliation in Sierra Leone: The Effectiveness of Fambul Tok
by Lyn S. Graybill

Peace Implementation: An Analysis of the Djibouti Agreement for Somalia
by Sadiki Koko

Fact File

The State of Peace and Security in Africa
by Sabrina Ensenbach

Book Review

Promoting the African Union
Reviewed by Gustavo de Carvalho