Conflict Trends 1999/1


"Conflict Trends has matured with the first full edition of 'Conflict Watch' and 'Renaissance Barometer' where we chart the developments across the continent for the last quarter. Drawn from thousands of source documents including established news sources, published research and our own sources, we hope that these analyses will serve to give one of the most comprehensive overviews of what is happening in the conflict and reconstruction fields for the continent."

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Hussein Solomon

Conflict Watch

Renaissance Barometer


Conflict, development & peace in Africa: Gender perspectives
Laketch Dirasse

Peacekeeping in the DRC: A new role for the United Nations
Cedric de Coning

The White Paper on South Africa's participation in Peace Missions. A unique beginning
Cedric de Coning

Exercise Blue Crane: A unifying moment for SADC
Cedric de Coning

Preventing future wars: State of the art conflict early warning systems
Sanam Naraghi Anderlini and David Nyheim

Enculturating conflict resolution. Finding trends for training in Africa
Alison Lazarus

Overcoming the achilles heel of the African Renaissance -the legacy of the colonial state
Hussein Solomon



Book Reviews

Civil wars, civil peace: An introduction to conflict resolution

Disarmament and Defence Industrial Adjustment in South Africa

To walk without fear. The global movement to ban landmines