Conflict Trends 2003/2


Focus on Refugees

"The millions of refugees and internally displaced on the continent are grim testimony to the root causes driving such refugee flows... That such a situation is untenable, and even anathema to the vision of an African Renaissance, is self-evident. But it is heartening to take note of the tremendous strides Africa's leadership is making in order to address these problems... However, much more needs to be done..."

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Authors: Gounden, Vasu

Authors: Essy, Amara; Lubbers, Ruud


Responding to conplex emergencies
Authors: Hay, Nicky

World Refugee Day : what it means for Africa
Authors: Ngandu, Ilunga

On being a refugee in Africa
Authors: Molukanele, Tshiliso

Poverty and peace : the internally displaced and refugees in Angola
Authors: De Klerk, Britt

The story of Roger
Authors: Gaude, Michel

Africa fact file

Liberia's child soldiers relive lost childhood in Sierra Leone
Authors: Fontanini, Francesca

Some reflections on the role of civil society in conflict prevention
Authors: De Klerk, Britt; Ngubane, Senzo

A brief assessment of the Lusaka cease-fire agreement and the inter-Congolese dialogues: towards peace in the DRC
Authors: Swart, Gerrie

The Islamic fundamentalist state of Sudan
Authors: Swart, Gerrie & Solomon, Hussein

The case for demilitarising sub-Saharan Africa
Authors: Harris, Geoff

Book Review

Hussein Solomon (2003) "Of myths & migration: Illegal immigration into South Africa." UNISA Press. 175pp
Authors: Ngubane, Senzo