Conflict Trends 2001/4


Focus on Constitutionalism

"(The constitution making process is) inevitably influenced by the prevailing conflict dynamics on the ground, which in turn cannot be separated from the wider socio-economic and political milieu within which the different political, social and other interest groups and formations manoeuvre for power, influence and reform."

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Paul E. Nantulya

The Call for the Esablishment of a Global Framework for Cooperation
Vasu Gounden

Trends in Constitutional and political Developments
Paul E. Nantulya

Trends in Peacekeeping
Kwezi Mngqibisa

Trends in Preventive Action

Constitutional and Political Reforms in Lesotho
ADV. Pontso Matete Mamatlere

State Sovereignty and Intervention in Africa
Prof Severine M. Rugumamu

The Dynamics of War and Peace in Sudan
John G. Nyuot Yoh

The Case of International Intervention and Private Security
Clive J Napier

Challenges for Burundi's Transitional Government
Sagren Naidoo

The Deployment of SANDF to Burundi
Theo Neethling

The Gacaca System in Rwanda
Paul E. Nantulya

Book Review

By Motse Ramathe