Conflict Trends 2001/3


Focus on Human Rights

"Human rights is the idea of our time. Through the centuries, we have learnt that certain core interests need to be protected if people are to flourish; if they are to avoid withering away or, eventually, taking the law into their own hands to protect their interests. History has taught us that certain interests - such as the rights to freedom of conscience and basic education - are to be considered as 'inalienable' rights, beyond manipulation by any government, irrespective of whether it is democratically elected or not."

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Authors: Heyns, C.


Trends in peacekeeping
Authors: Conflict Trends

Trends in constitutional and political development
Authors: Conflict Trends

Trends in preventive action
Authors: Conflict Trends

Trends in elections
Authors: Conflict Trends


Peace and peacekeeping
Authors: De Coning, C.

Interview with President Museveni
Authors: Conflict Trends

Gross violations of human rights
Authors: Kindiki, K.

Water wars?
Authors: Muller, M.

Commission and the court
Authors: Baimu, E.F