Conflict Trends 2001/1


Children at War

"During the First World War, only 5% of casualties were civilian. In the wars currently being fought on the African continent, more than 90% of casualties are civilian. The most vulnerable in society suffer the most. This is an untenable state of affairs. If war cannot be prevented, then something must be done to protect the most vulnerable sectors of society. The lesson is clear: legislation, without effective monitoring and enforcement, is useless!"

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Authors: Solomon, H.


Trends in peacekeeping

Trends in preventive action

Trends in constitutional and political development


War games
Authors: Smit, M.E.

Aids in post conflict societies
Authors: Ngubane, S.

Water wars
Authors: Turton, A.R.

Economic renaissance
Authors: Schoeman, M.

Special court for Sierra Leone
Authors: Kondoch, B.; Sileck, R.

Interview with Ebrahim Ebrahim
Authors: Published: 2001