Conflict Trends 2004/1


Focus on Democracy

"Let us begin a global dialogue, across all barriers. Let us use all the means at our disposal, including the media and diplomacy… let us speak with words and understand each other rather than speaking with arms and killing each other."

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Editorial - by Vasu Gounden


Living in limbo: a profile of Djibouti's Somali refugee problem
Laura Bisaillon

Defending African unity: can the Peace and Security Council of the Afican Union succeed?
H. Solomon & G. Swart

Zones of peace: a framework for analysis
P. Iyer & L. Hancock

Prospects for peace and state-rebuilding in Somalia
Karanja Mbugua

Cabinda: where to from here?
Britt de Klerk

DDR - Disarmament, demobilisation, reintegration: the case for Angola
Nicky Hay

Coherence and integration in the planning, implementation and evaluation of complex peace-building operations
Cedric de Coning

South African democratic elections
T. Pitso & K. Ogunsanya

Book Review

The seed of an African Renaissance: the Haiti revolution - extract from a speech by President Thabo Mbeki
Book review "Aspects of Peacekeeping" - by Cedric de Coning

"Promoting an integrated approach to combat gender-based violence: a training manual" - by C. Mufanawejingo