Conflict Trends 2007/1


Peacekeeping in Africa

"This Issue highlights the significant role that national, regional and continental parliamentary bodies – as well as supporting international organisations and international cooperating partners – can, and must, play in resolving Africa’s conflicts."

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by Vasu Gounden and Jan Nico Scholten


The New Parliamentary Peace-Building Paradigm in Africa
by Jeff Balch

The Emergence and Context of Parliaments in Africa
by Martin R. Rupiya

Rethinking Conflict Prevention and Resolution: Lessons from the Pan African Parliament’s Mission to Darfur
by Halifa Sallah

Understanding the Impact of Women Members of Parliament on Peace, Security and Decision-Making
by Nathalie Lasslop

Parliaments as Unique Institutions for Conflict Management
by Tshiliso Molukanele

Parliaments’ Role in Election Related Conflicts: Lessons from the SADC Parliamentary Forum
by Rumbidzai Kandawasvika-Nhundu

HIV/Aids Affected Children in Conflict Settings and Parliamentarian Inaction
by Fatou Mbow and Douglas Webb

Fact File

The Association of European Parliamentarians for Africa

African Parliamentary Organisations
The Pan African Parliament
The Southern African Development Community Parliamentary Forum
The East African Legislative Assembly
The Economic Community Organisation of West African States

Regional Women’s Parliamentary Cooperation

The United Nations Development Programme’s
Parliamentary Initiative

Book Review

Women in Parliament: Beyond Numbers
by Natalia Zakharova and Nathalie Lasslop