Conflict Trends 2008/1


10th Anniversary Issue

"This is the most rewarding and the most troubling editorial I have written for Conflict Trends. My pleasure in writing this editorial stems from the success of achieving our goal, established 10 years ago when Conflict Trends was first published, to present the various trends in African conflict. More importantly, we wanted to create an African medium through which we could present ‘African solutions to African challenges’..."

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by Vasu Gounden


Kenya's Crisis: Elite and Factional Conflicts in Historical Context
by Karanja Mubugua

Election-Related Violence in Africa
by Samuel Mondays Atuobi

Kenya in Transition: Mediation, Power Sharing and Constitutional Reform
by Tim Murithi

Faith-based Peacebuilding in Sudan
by Ulrich Mans

Participatory Governance, Civic Engagement and Conflict Resolution in the Southern African Development Community
by Kumi Naidoo

Africom: Concerns and Pressing Questions
by Theo Neethling

Reconciliation in Rwanda: Building Peace Through Dialogue
by Vanessa Noel Brown

The Economics of Peace
by Sean Callaghan

Situation Reports

Republic of Kenya

Democratic Republic of Congo

Republic of Chad
by Karabo Rajuili