Conflict Trends 2004/3


Focus on Terrorism

"The evaluation of Africa’s response to terrorism is not intended to see the war on terrorism as the only important security issue facing Africa. This issue also intends to assist us in seeking alternative means of dealing with conflicts around the world. It is these alternative ways that need to be researched and discussed in order to ensure that the noble goals of universal peace and stability are realised."

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by Vasu Gounden


United States Counter-Terrorism Programmes in Africa: An Overview
Pierre Botha

The War on Terrorism and Africa’s Peace and Security Agenda
Prosper Addo

Poverty and Terrorism: The Root Cause Debate
Cedric de Coning

Case Studies

East Africa: A Haven or Hapless Victim of International Terrorism
Karanja Mbugua

North Africa: Challenging Terrorism in North Africa
Faten Aggad


Verbatim: Focus on Terrorism


Managing Conflict in the Century of Extremes
Senzo Ngubane

Sudan: The Challenge of Darfur
Paul Nantulya and Britt de Klerk

Book Review

From Warfare to Welfare: Human Security in a Southern African Context
Senzo Ngubane