AJCR Volume 10 No. 1, 2010

Jannie Malan

Implications of the Bakassi conflict resolution for Cameroon
Francis Menjo Baye

The international community and post-war reconciliation in Africa: A case study of the Sierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Proscovia Svärd

Ye Shakoch Chilot (the court of the sheikhs): A traditional institution of conflict resolution in Oromiya zone of Amhara regional state, Ethiopia
Meron Zeleke

Women in conflict and indigenous conflict resolution among the Issa and Gurgura clans of Somali in Eastern Ethiopia
Bamlaku Tadesse

Explaining inter-ethnic harmony in Enugu city, South-eastern Nigeria, 1970–2003
Akachi Odoemene and Olufemi B. Olaoba

Book reviews

From soldiers to citizens: Demilitarization of conflict and society
Reviewed by Grace Maina

Peace: A world history
Reviewed by Laura Grant

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