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    Conflict Trends 2009/3

     1 Oct 2009
    By Vasu Gounden
    Peace Operations in Africa
    Seven Challenges, Any Solutions?
    By Paul D. Williams
    Assessing the United Nations Approach to Post-Conflict Peacebuilding in Africa
    The Mission in Liberia
    By Wilfred Gray-Johnson
    The Reintegration Process for Child Soldiers in Liberia
    By Janel B. Galvanek
    Addressing Sexual and Gender-based Violence in Liberia
    By Niels Nagelhus Schia & Benjamin de Carvalho
    Women in Peace Processes
    Lessons from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda
    By Surendrini Wijeyaratne
    The Security Dilemma in North Kivu, the Democratic Republic of the Congo
    By Dominic Burbidge
    The Symbiotic Relationship of MONUC and South Africa
    By Edward Johnson
    • South Africa
    • Liberia
    • Gender-based violence
    • DRC
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