The Peacemaking Unit

An analysis of conflicts in Africa between 1990 and 2010 shows a considerable decline in conflicts on the continent. This is due to many reasons, among them peacemaking interventions and advances in non-military forms of conflict resolution. Nonetheless, Africa today is still affected by armed conflicts that undermine efforts to bring about much needed sustainable socio-economic development that is required for the continent to effectively compete in the international arena. Peace and security is therefore a prerequisite for sustainable development on the continent.

Overall Goal and Objectives

The overall goal of the Peacemaking Unit is the prevention of violent conflict, and the promotion of dialogue and peaceful resolution of conflicts on the African continent.

The Unit has the following specific objectives that contribute towards the overall goal:

  • To build capacity on the African continent for conflicts to be resolved peacefully;
  • To assist in establishing and to support peacemaking frameworks in continental, regional and national institutions;
  • To promote mediation, negotiation and facilitation as effective peacemaking tools in Africa;
  • To initiate, organise and implement peacemaking activities;
  • To support already existing peacemaking interventions towards the reaching of sustainable agreements;
  • To establish a core team of rapid deployment associates who can be deployed at a short notice in major peacemaking interventions in Africa; and
  • To analyse and engage with relevant peacemaking initiatives in Africa with a view to producing detailed information, data and viewpoints that inform peacemaking developments on the continent.

Responses to Conflict

Following the monitoring, tracking and analysis of conflict situations the Peacemaking Unit implements the following initiatives as considered appropriate towards meeting the needs on the ground:

  • Capacity building in conflict analysis, negotiation and mediation;
  • Confidence building initiatives, including study tours and the agent of reality presentation;
  • Interventions, including the facilitation of dialogue and mediations;
  • Intervention support which includes strategy development, process design, mediation support, capacity building, and confidence building initiatives; and
  • Policy development.

Projects and Programmes

Towards reaching its overall goal the Peacemaking Unit implements the following Projects and Programmes:


Latest Peacemaking News

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ACCORD participates in IGAD Conference to Launch Gender Milestones

In line with its commitment to promote gender equality and gender-sensitive approaches to peacebuilding and conflict management, ACCORD participated in an Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) Conference to Launch Gender Milestones. The milestones are the Regional Strategy for Higher Representation...

08-11-2013 in Peacemaking

ACCORD participates in SADC Regional Consultation on Building National Peace Infrastructures

In fulfilling its mandate of providing support to national, regional and continental frameworks as well as initiatives aimed at conflict prevention and mediation, ACCORD, through its Peacemaking Unit, has participated in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Regional Consultation on...

04-11-2013 in Peacemaking

ACCORD trains Zimbabwean Ecumenical Church Leaders Forum in mediation and dialogue skills

In consistency with its objectives to contribute to the strengthening of national infrastructures for peace in Africa, ACCORD has delivered training on advance mediation and dialogue skills to participants drawn from the Ecumenical Church Leaders Forum (ECLF) in Zimbabwe. The...

19-09-2013 in Peacemaking

ACCORD’s Peacemaking Unit conducts a mediation training for AU and RECs

In efforts to strengthen existing mediation-support capacity on the continent, and to enhance the capacities of African countries to effectively and peacefully resolve their own conflicts, ACCORD conducted a French Advanced Mediation Training for the African Union (AU). Bringing together...

08-08-2013 in Peacemaking

ACCORD participates in AUC-RECs-UNDP consultation on strengthening linkages in conflict prevention and mediation

In fulfilling its objective of providing support to national, regional and continental frameworks as well as initiatives aimed at conflict prevention and mediation, ACCORD participated in continental consultations aimed at strengthening Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and African Union Commission (AUC)...

10-07-2013 in Peacemaking

Outcome Statement: The Southern African Women Mediators Seminar

Mediating peace in Africa: Enhancing the role of southern African women in mediation A high level seminar for practitioners, academics, policymakers, women politicians and leaders from southern African countries was convened by the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes...

06-06-2013 in Peacemaking

ACCORD trains SADC police officers in mediation

ACCORD continues to support the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) in its efforts to promote peace and security in the region by providing training support in conflict management, focusing on mediation and negotiation.

17-05-2013 in Peacemaking

ACCORD contributes to first Malagasy defence dialogue on role of armed forces in state of crisis

ACCORD has participated in, and contributed to, a dialogue on the role of the Malagasy armed forces in a state of crisis, organised by the Madagascar Military School in Antsirabe. The reflection session focused on the long lasting political crisis in that country, since...

28-03-2013 in Peacemaking

ACCORD participates in global consultation on post-2015 Millennium Development Goals agenda

ACCORD was represented by its Peacebuilding and Peacemaking Units at the Global Thematic Consultation on Conflict and Fragility and the Post-2015 Development Agenda (Monrovia Consultation) from 29-20 November 2012. The Monrovia Consultation, which was co-organized by the Governments of Liberia...

05-12-2012 in Peacemaking

ACCORD participates in bi-annual Mediation Support Network meeting on Regional Intergovernmental Organisations

In an ongoing quest to support mediation activities by the African Union and Regional Economic Communities (RECs) in Africa, ACCORD has participated in the 7th bi-annual Mediation Support Network (MSN) Meeting, which served as a platform for promoting exchange about...

01-11-2012 in Peacemaking

ACCORD convenes African women mediators

The need for including women in peace processes is widely acknowledged, yet, most mediation processes have nonetheless not offered enough scope to encourage the voices and representation of women. In response to this challenge, ACCORD, under its Peacemaking Unit's African...

07-06-2012 in Peacemaking

ACCORD builds localised women’s mediation capacity in South Africa

Towards empowering women to participate more actively in peace processes on a community level, ACCORD has conducted a mediation training for members of the Progressive Women's Movement South Africa (PWMSA). The development of skilled female mediators who take an active...

26-04-2012 in Peacemaking

ACCORD enhances French mediation capacity in Africa

In efforts to strengthen existing mediation-support capacity on the continent, and to enhance African countries' capacities to effectively and peacefully resolve their own conflicts, ACCORD has recently conducted an advanced mediation training for government representatives and academics from French-speaking parts...

06-01-2012 in Peacemaking

ACCORD to enhance mediation-support capacity of the African Union

As part of efforts to strengthen the mediation-support capacity of the African Union (AU), and thereby enhance the quality and outcomes of peace processes led by the AU, ACCORD's Peacemaking Unit will conduct mediation training for AU staff in Durban,...

21-10-2011 in Peacemaking

ACCORD conducts advanced training in mediation for the African Union

As part of efforts to strengthen the mediation support capacity of the African Union (AU), the ACCORD Peacemaking Unit conducted Advanced Training in Mediation for AU staff from 24-26 November 2010 in Durban, South Africa. Participants represented the AU headquarters...

29-11-2010 in Peacemaking

ACCORD conducts advanced training in mediation

ACCORD’s Peacemaking Unit conducted Advanced Training in Mediation to advance the skills of Mediation Process Experts (MPE) and building a core mediation team that can advise mediation processes on the continent.

06-10-2010 in Peacemaking

ACCORD hosts study tour and conflict resolution training for Sudan CSOs

ACCORD’s Peacemaking Unit recently conducted a Study Tour and Conflict Resolution Training for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) from Sudan in Pretoria and Johannesburg, South Africa. The training aimed at enhancing the participants' understanding of conflict analysis and intervention strategies. 

01-08-2010 in Peacemaking

ACCORD hosts Curriculum Development Workshop and Training Support Group Meeting on behalf of AU CMD

The ACCORD Peacemaking Unit hosted a curriculum development workshop and training support group meeting in Durban from 23 - 25 March 2010. Present at the activities were representatives from the African Union Conflict Management Division (AU CMD), Crisis Management Initiative (CMI),...

07-04-2010 in Peacemaking