Preventive Action Programme

Key to the prevention of conflict is the development of skills in methods of conflict management and the provision for dialogue between various stakeholders. The Preventive Action Programme at ACCORD emphasizes the importance of building relationships between stakeholders, at the same time equipping them with skills in managing conflict. The Preventive Action programme worked from three pillars, namely training, dialogue and research.

Promotion of Administrative Justice

A joint project of ACCORD, GTZ and the Justice College/Department of Justice:

The Promotion of Administrative Justice Act is a new act of parliament designed to give effect to provisions in the Constitution and Bill of Rights for fair, just and transparent governance. This site offers further information on a project to train NGOs across South Africa in the Act. Organisations can also register for participation in the project.

ACCORD was contracted in 2003/4 by the German development agency, GTZ, in partnership with the Justice College in Pretoria, to train NGOs throughout South Africa in the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act of 2000.

Public Sector Programme

Throughout the world, bureaucracies are under pressure to transform and reform themselves into efficient and effective organisations capable of providing desperately needed public services to the communities that they serve. As we move into what South African President Thabo Mbeki has heralded as The African Century, of utmost importance is the establishment of stable democracies and the development of good governance in Africa.