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CIMIC from a Norwegian Perspective: Reconciling UN, NATO & PRT Approaches

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The Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) and the University of Tromsø, with support from the Embassy of Finland in Norway, is co-hosting a seminar on civil-military coordination (CIMIC) on 21 January 2008, at NUPI, in Oslo. Cedric de Coning, joint Research Fellow at ACCORD and NUPI will launch the recently published ACCORD book on "Civil-Military Coordination in United Nations and African Peace Operations" at the seminar.

Unintended Consequences of Peacekeeping

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Cedric de Coning, joint Research Fellow at ACCORD and NUPI, will be give a lecture on the 'unintended consequences of peacekeeping' to the Armed Forces of North Norway in Bardufoss on 23 January. The event is organised by the Norwegian National Red Cross. The 'unintended consequences of peacekeeping' is also the title of a book that de Coning co-edited with Prof Chiyuki Aoi and Prof Ramesh Thakur.

SADC Workshop on Peace Operations

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ACCORD's TfP Programme’s Senior Programme Advisor, Cedric de Coning, is attending a Southern African Development Community Workshop on Peace Operations. The theme of the workshop is “The Challenges of Peacekeeping Training in the SADC Region"

Canadian High Commission visit ACCORD

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On the 20 November Marc Labrom, the new second Secretary (Political Affairs) based at the Canadian High Commission in Pretoria visited ACCORD House. Mr. Labrom’s visit follows visits in April this year by the Canadian High Commissioner, Ruth Archibald and the Political Counsellor Andras Vamos-Goldman.

Basic Conflict Management Training for media in Burundi

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ACCORD’s Burundi Intervention organised two basic conflict management trainings for the media in Burundi from 28-30 November, and 3-5 December 2007. The trainings took place at the Sun Safari Club Hotel in Bujumbura, Burundi and were facilitated by Jerome Sachane, Deputy Director of ACCORD and Adelin Hatungimana, Senior Programme Officer at the Burundi Office.

African Peacebuilding Coordination Programme Hosts Stakeholders Forum

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The African Peacebuilding Coordination Programme at ACCORD will host a Stakeholders Forum in Durban, South Africa, from 26-27 November 2007. The purpose of the forum is to consult a variety of practitioners and experts on the findings and recommendations emanating from the field research conducted by ACCORD in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Liberia and Sudan, and to obtain their advice on the proposed work plan of the programme over the next three year cycle.

ACCORD Hosts Women in Dialogue for Peace in Africa

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ACCORD will host a ‘Women in Dialogue for Peace in Africa’ study tour and exchange programme to South Africa, for representatives of women’s groups (civil society and government) from five African countries which are in various stages of conflict transformation.