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DPKO Peacekeeping Doctrine Workshop

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ACCORD’s Peace and Security Unit Programme Manager, Karishma Rajoo, will represent ACCORD at a UN workshop entitled, “Peacekeeping-Peacebuilding Interface: Core Tasks, Objectives and Emerging Doctrine for UN Peace Operations - With Special Reference to Lessons Learned in Africa.” The workshop will be held in Accra, Ghana from 15-17 March 2007, and is coordinated by the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO), the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC) and the Centre for International Peace Operations (ZIF).

As part of its “Peace Operations 2010” reform agenda, UN DPKO has embarked on a major effort to develop a high-level “UN Peacekeeping Doctrine” that aims to set out the fundamental principles, core objectives and main factors contributing to the success of contemporary UN peace operations. The document is being developed in close consultation with member states, UN system partners and other key stakeholders through a series of independently hosted, expert-level regional workshops such as the workshop being organized in Accra, Ghana. Discussions related to peacekeeping doctrine are indeed vital for the work carried out by the Peace and Security Unit, and the Unit has increasingly forged new partnerships with the UN DPKO over the past few years.

Once finalized, the document will replace the 1995 “General Guidelines on UN Peacekeeping” and serve as a touchstone guide for practitioners both in the field and at headquarters, and provide a basis for the training of civilian, military and police personnel preparing to serve in UN peace operations around the world. It will also be a useful document to share with partner organizations to provide clear guidance on the role, functioning and the core principles of UN peacekeeping operations.