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Coordinated Approaches to Security, Development and Peacemaking

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Cedric de Coning, a Research Fellowwith ACCORD's Peace Operations Unit, will participate in a workshop on 'Coordinated Approaches to Security, Development and Peacemaking: Lessons Learned from Afghanistan and Liberia', hosted by the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies of the University of Calgary and the Washington D.C.-based Institute of World Affairs, from 30-31 March in Calgary, Canada.

The workshop will bring together experienced personnel from the military, international humanitarian and development agencies and NGOs, policy makers from foreign affairs ministries, experts on post-war reconstruction and peacebuilding, and government and civil society representatives from Afghanistan and Liberia. The objective is to explore what coordinated approaches to security, development and peacemaking look like in practice from these varied perspectives and to take stock of how well they are working (or not working) in these two specific cases.