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Peace-building coordination field research visit to Liberia

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ACCORD’s Training for Peace (TfP) Programme is undertaking a field research visit in Liberia from 24 July – 10 August. The aim of the field visit will be to conduct an assessment of peace-building coordination as it is occurring in Liberia. This necessitates an identification of the main coordination mechanisms that have been set up and an assessment as to their opportunities and challenges thus far.

 Related to this will be the identification of the various actors that are involved in peace-building, and the aim would be to determine to what extent their efforts are coordinated.

The study will look at coordination at three levels including: coordination amongst external actors present in the country; coordination amongst internal actors; and, the interface between both the external and internal actors. These two broad streams of peace-building actors are at any given time involved in a wide array of cross cutting activities and the research aims to identify how these are planned and coordinated in such a way that all actors (and mechanisms) are working towards common and compatible goals and objectives and that ultimately the capacity of the main beneficiaries as represented in the host population is strengthened by the peace-building process.