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African Union African Standby Force Training Implementation Workshop

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In recognition of the support ACCORD has been giving to the African Union (AU) in the development of the Civilian Dimension of the African Standby Force (ASF), ACCORD was invited to participate in an AU Training Implementation Workshop that was held in Addis Ababa from 29-31 October.

ACCORD’s Senior Programme Officer for the TfP Programme, Yvonne Kasumba, attended the workshop, the purpose of which was to finalize an interim training plan for the ASF by collating the training schedules of the various Regional Economic Commissions (RECs) and regions into one continental training schedule. The participation of ACCORD in this workshop was critical given in that it ensured greater awareness of the role and importance of the civilian component in peace support operations, no less within the architecture of the ASF and also ensured that attention was given to the importance of including training interventions targeted to civilian role players in the continental training plan. Further to this, the workshop also aimed to source funds for the core ASF activities leading to the operationalization of the ASF in 2010.