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Central African Republic High Level Retreat on “Peace Processes Sharing Lessons”

5 Aug 2018
UN Security Council
The Security Council meets on the situation in the Central African Republic (UN Photo/Rick Bajornas)

ACCORD hosted a lessons sharing High Level Retreat intended to afford the CAR Delegation an opportunity to prepare for upcoming talks and negotiations.

The Retreat targeted Government officials who have been selected to lead and be part of the talks and the negotiation process. This Retreat afforded the CAR government’s negotiating team an opportunity to better conceptualise, understand and appreciate their capacities, the environment that they are operating in as a government but also give them a fuller assessment of where the prospects for peace and the challenges for negotiations my exists in CAR.

The Retreat created a consultative and experience sharing platform and leveraged on the experiences of ACCORD’s training and first-hand experience of working on issues of peace processes and negotiations. The consultations and presentations covered the themes of mediation, negotiation, conflict management and strategy design. They were coupled with interactive discussions which reflected on the experience and approaches used to advance national dialogue in South Africa that altered potential conflict. The discussions on South Africa were supplemented by watching of a South African documentary, the Bloody Miracle.

Additional meetings and visits took place in Pretoria on the 13th and 14th of July 2018. These meetings helped the CAR delegation get a better picture of the South African experience leading up to the negotiations and talks. The visit to Pretoria was used to discuss the negotiations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to highlight and show different shapes that a successful negotiation can take. This segment of the retreat helped the give the delegation an informal learning experience and further help them prepare for the talks they are preparing for in their own country. Through the Retreat, ACCORD had the opportunity to engage with the CAR’s Governments negotiating team to better understand the current socio-political and conflict environment present in the country and better identify the needs present on the ground.

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