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ACCORD presents on climate related conflicts in Sudan

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ACCORD presented the preliminary findings of research on climate related conflicts in Sudan to a conference on environmental change and migration. The conference shed light on the complex dynamics of environmentally induced migration and the related impact on communities.

At the conference, organised by the European Sciences Foundation and Bielefeld University in Germany from 5- 9 December 2010, Salome Bronkhorst presented the preliminary findings of research conducted in July 2010 in Khartoum and Kadugli, in the South Kordofan State of Sudan. The presentation focused on the role of NGOs in addressing environmental conflicts in the state, in the context of traditional and environmentally induced migration.

The preliminary findings of the study indicate that desertification, deforestation and contests over land and water for grazing and farming are key factors in conflicts in the area. The research will contribute to the development of policies and practical tools to address and mitigate such climate-related conflicts.

The outcomes of the research will be published as a brief for policy makers and practitioners and a research report. A copy of the poster presentation can be downloaded here.