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Co-operation between government and NGO’s in Angola

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The Director-General of the Technical Unit for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance in Angola (Unidade Técnica de Coordenação da Ajuda Humanitária-UTCAH), Pedro Walipi Calenga, considered, yesterday, that the conjunction of efforts between the government and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) is crucial for development in Angola.

Speaking in the opening session of the Lessons Identified Seminar organised by the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD), Pedro Walipi Calenga underlined that the Angolan Government defines NGOs as important social partners in society building process. “The country has been assisted by the international community and committed individuals, complementing government efforts in implementing programmes oriented to integration of the population and to solve their problems”, he stressed.

He affirmed that the people’s integration programme promoted by ACCORD seeks to contribute for peace building and democratisation in Angola as well as to promote dialogue among communities. Thus, one of the best ways to achieve development and harmony among people is conflict analysis and resolution, seeking to provide pacified spirits and to conciliate different interests.

In his opinion the experience acquired by ACCORD, since its inception in Angola will serve as the inspiration source for the promotion of preventive actions and to solve eventual conflicts in society. “In this Seminar we will have space to transmit knowledge and exchange ideas seeking to build a better Angola”, he concluded.

The ACCORD is a civil society organisation based in Durban, South Africa, specialized in the prevention, analysis and resolution of conflicts in Africa. This organization has been developing and implementing variety of programmes and projects on peace and security fields.

In: Jornal de Angola, 02 October 2008, Year 32; No 11251; Page 2.