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Conflict Management Training for community leadership in Angola

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The Angola Country Programme at ACCORD will be hosting a conflict management training for twenty community leadership representative in the province of Huambo from 13 - 15 February 2007. The objectives of the training are to provide community leaders with the necessary skills to resolve conflict at a community level, and to enhance their leadership skills.

The importance of bringing together these different groups of people is to create an appropriate atmosphere for interaction and dialogue, and it will promote networking peace-building initiatives in the province.

The Huambo province was specifically selected because of its violent history during the 27-year long civil war. It is hoped that the skills learned during the training will be used to contribute to a peaceful co-existence between and among communities in Angola.. It is hoped that by the end of the training the community leaders will have developed new skills that can be used to engage in constructive dialogue as a way of resolving disputes within their respective communities.

Training activities will be ongoing in Huambo, Lunda Sul and Cuando Cubango provinces, as ACCORD pursues dialogue as a method for dispute resolution on the continent of Africa.