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Dialogue session on conflict analysis and peace building in Angola

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A two-day dialogue session with the theme ‘Conflict Analysis and Peace Building in Angola’ was successfully hosted by ACCORD’s Angola Country programme from 2-3 May 2007 in Luanda, Angola.

Twenty participants attended the dialogue, including academics, conflict resolution and peace building practitioners and experts, human rights groups’ representatives and civil society group members. The session was honoured to have the participation from: Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Republic of Angola, H.E. Ralph Publicover from the British Embassy, who officially opened the session; H.E. António Matonse, the Ambassador of Mozambique to Angola; Dr. Pedro Calanga, Director-General in the Ministry of Social Welfare and Reinsertion in Angola; and, a South African Embassy representative in Angola.


The topics discussed during the two days centred on:

  • An analysis and understanding of peace building and democratization needs in Angola;
  • Typology and causes of conflict in Angola;
  • Community reintegration and community level conflicts;
  • Strengthening civil society; and
  • Development of an impact assessment system in Angola.

High level contributions were made by the participants and the session concluded with recommendations on the way forward for a comprehensive response to the conflict management needs in Angola. In summary, recommendations centred on the need to continue creating space providing an opportunity for the Angolan people to dialogue in an attempt to understand where exactly Angola finds herself today and the best way to explore different avenues and opportunities to create a more peaceful Angola.