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ACCORD to host Mano River Regional Peacebuilding Workshop in Liberia

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The success of peacebuilding in many countries is largely dependent on regional peace and stability. In collaboration with the Nairobi Peace Initiative-Africa (NPI) and the West African Network for Peace (WANEP), ACCORD will conduct a high-level, regional peacebuilding workshop from 27-29 October 2010 in Monrovia, Liberia. The workshop will bring together key stakeholders from the countries of Guinea-Conakry, Ivory Coast, Liberia and Sierra Leone to create a clearer understanding of regional dynamics in the Mano River Region.

Participants include representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the countries of the MRU; Peacebuilding offices; UN missions in the MRU countries; country offices of the UNDP in the MRU; The World Bank (WB); African Development Bank (ADB); African Union (AU); and civil society organisations including the Mano River Women’s Peace Network (MARWOPNET). The cross section of participants reflects the multiple actors involved in peacebuilding initiatives in the Mano River Region.

ACCORD’s workshop aims to link both national and regional peacebuilding efforts to bridge the gap and continue to work on new and effective responses to conflict. It is anticipated that the workshop will produce an action plan to inform policy makers and peacebuilding actors in the MRR. The workshop will also aim to strengthen women’s role in peacebuilding in the region.

This high-level regional peacebuilding workshop is made possible through ACCORD’s African Peacebuilding Coordination Program (APCP) funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland. APCP works in Liberia, Sudan, DRC and Burundi. Most recently the APCP held a peacebuilding training course in Burundi; and prior to that held a Peacebuilding forum in Juba, Sudan to discuss key issues leading up the 2011 referendum.