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UN DPKO & ACCORD working together on UN Civil Affairs Handbook

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The TfP programme at ACCORD is assisting the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) with the development of a Civil Affairs Handbook. Civil Affairs is one of the largest civilian components in UN peacekeeping, with around 500 staff members currently deployed in the field to facilitate the implementation of peacekeeping mandates at the sub-national level.

The handbook will be a key reference tool for new Civil Affairs officers, and will cover the three main areas of Civil Affairs work as well as a number of cross-cutting issues. ACCORD will host a workshop in Cape Town from 21-22 October, where 30 Civil Affairs Officers from 8 UN peacekeeping operations will gather to develop the outline and scope of the handbook. It is envisaged that the first draft of the handbook will be piloted in Septermber/October 2010 at an induction course for new Civil Affairs officers.
ACCORD has earlier developed a ‘Civil-Military Coordination in UN & African Peace Operations’ handbook, and a ‘Conflict Management for Peacekeepers and Peacebuilders’ handbook. These handbooks have been used for courses in MINURCAT, MONUC, ONUCI, UNAMID and UNMIS over the last two years. For more information contact: Yvonne Kasumba, Coordinator: Peacekeeping at ACCORD on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.