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ACCORD conducts civilian peacekeeping and peacebuilding mission preparedness course

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ACCORD’s Training for Peace (TfP) Programme will conduct a Civilian Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding Course (CPPC), focusing on Mission Preparedness for a total 25 participants selected from all over Africa. The course will be held in Pretoria, South Africa from 7-18 August 2006, and aims to serve as the foundation course for civilians interested in serving in a variety of roles in United Nations (UN) or African peacekeeping or peacebuilding operations.

 The course will be a 10 day residential course, and it will run parallel to the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) Military Observer Course with the two courses jointly undertaking the final week of the Field Training Exercise.

This course has a modular design that consists of three parts. Part one will consist of the standard generic peacekeeping component, part two will focus on conflict management for peacekeepers, and part three will be the field training exercise and the role of humanitarian and human rights organisations in peace operations. In undertaking a joint initiative with the military observer course, the civilian students will obtain the practical experience of civilian and military coordination as part of their curriculum.

The course, supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will build on the participants existing skills and expertise by highlighting how these can be applied in the peacekeeping and peace building context, and will further provide participants them with the knowledge and additional personal skills they would need in this environment.